Thank you for choosing AAA Computer Repair for your computer training, troubleshooting and repair needs. The following information is provided to help ensure that you have a pleasant and informed experience.

We are a Mobile IT Department with skilled Technicians that bill for all time used for troubleshooting, regardless of the outcome. Some computer issues can be repaired within the one-hour minimum; however, all computers and issues are different, and that time may vary in length.

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with the results of our visit, please contact us. Our mission is to provide the best possible service available, and we shall make every reasonable attempt to satisfy our Clients.


Data Loss Prevention

Data backup is the sole responsibility of the client. AAA Computer Repair is not responsible for data, data backup, or data transfer. AAA Computer repair may suggest in certain circumstances that data retrieval, backup and/or copying should work without issues—however, when it comes to digital media, there are NO guarantees! AAA Computer Repair will not be held responsible for data loss of ANY kind for ANY reason, as it is the client’s responsibility to protect and backup their data. In the event of Media/Hardware Failure, AAA Computer Repair will make necessary suggestions for retrieval, which may include sending the faulty media to be repaired at the client’s expense.


Data Destruction

It is AAA Computer Repair’s policy to destroy all sensitive customer data before recycling any items. All old, used or recycled hard drives will be wiped within 2-7 days from removal. If your hard drive was upgraded, please check immediately to verify your most important items are transferred (if it was possible to transfer them)! AAA Computer Repair holds no responsibility for data loss from a recycling wipe or any other hardware related failure.


Do you require another appointment?

We offer same or next day service in many cases; call now for the next available appointment!


Do you require phone support?

We offer our Clients 5 minutes of free phone support. In most cases, we can solve the problem or identify that additional service is required. The next available appointment would be reserved for your convenience.


No Show/Cancellation Policy

Appointments not cancelled within 2 hours of the call, or no show calls, will be subject to a $20.00 charge, plus a $20.00 trip fee.


Delinquent Accounts

Accounts in default must be paid in full prior to the rendering of additional service.


Abandoned Property

Any materials left in our shop for more than 30 days will become the property of AAA Computer Repair, and sold to cover the cost of repairs.


Please visit our website for additional information or to send comments at: or


Please pay from the provided Service Order – No Invoice will be sent